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11 (2013)

Single piece Signed Dated Titled








91 x 122 cm
35.83 x 48 in


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In this painting, Paller was experimenting with a layering concept of painting his nestling forms.  

A layer of negative nestling forms would reveal in a seemingly natural way those original forms. 
Parts would be revealed, rhythms would be attained. 

This was not the direct line upon which his work would evolve, but it would lead him to useful ways of thinking about overpainting.

About the Artist

1953 , United States

Gary Paller is an American abstract artist whose biomorphic work is "music" for the eyes, playing with forms and colours which interact and create harmony. 
He lives and works in Los Angeles.


Gary Paller studied at the University of California in Los Angeles where he earned a Bachelor of Art in Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts.

Paller studied with the artists William Brice, Lee Mullican and Charles Garabedian.

He currently teaches art at the Brentwood Art Center in Los Angeles, where he also serves on the Board of Directors.


Paller is a multidisciplinary artist, working with acrylic, ink, graphite or pencils on canvas and paper.

He also produces monotypes and prints. In 2013 he collaborated with Wildwood Press in St Louis, Missouri to create a suite of large-scale unique collagraph prints.

Gary Paller's work is based on fields of colour with usually few nuances and no element of light. His use of lines define the spaces and outline the transition from one colour to the next.

His achievement resides in his ability to create equilibrium between the spaces and the chromatic effects where pictorial volumes appear to oscillate in the sphere.


Ever since his childhood, Paller has been attracted to artworks depicting simple organic shapes.
He can recall a particular enthusiasm for the works of the painters Miro, Arp and Calder as well as the British sculptors Moore and Hepworth.

With reference to contemporary artists, Paller says: "Today I believe that I share a kinship of organic forms with Kapoor and also the architects Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry"

In Paller's view, forms might suggest individuals or living organisms interacting with each other, those evocations as well as hearing the viewers' interpretation fascinate him.


Paller participated in many solo and group exhibitions internationally, mostly in Europe and particularly in Italy.

Relevant quotes

Cynthia Penna, artistic director at ART1307 and curator wrote about Gary Paller’s work:

“The morphology of Gary Paller’s forms has its deepest roots in the unconscious. The softness of the geometric forms are, very clearly, retraceable to situations of the subconscious, buried in its hidden depths (…)
The beauty of Paller’s pictorial composition lies in the fact that it is purified of any other component that obstacles or distracts” the eye from the movement of the form. Paller’s research aims at the purity of the form and its movement in space, determined by the colour and by the relationship between colour and colour, or between colour and line.
It is this perfect balancing of volumes and colour that gives the spectator the peculiar sensation of being “cradled” in space, of being carried by a kind of soft waves towards a dreamy and unconscious world not unlike a maternal womb of absolute protection”


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