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3100 EUR
4.2 5 20


Single piece



80 x 80 cm
32 x 31.50 in







Acrylic on canvas.

Includes a certificate of authenticity.


1995 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Gabriela Azar Rubagotti, (born in Santo Domingo in 1995) is an emerging Dominican artist currently living in Italy. Coming from a family of professional artists, Gabriela grew up from an early age in creative environments, art galleries and art studios. She holds a bachelor's degree in Architecture from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and a master's degree from the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. Over the years she has developed interests and experiences in different creative fields such as visual arts, fashion, architecture and interior design, which influence her work and artistic research.

The artist works with a variety of techniques and her works are mainly mixed media and acrylic on canvas. Her works speak of serenity, peace and beauty through the pursuit of an art that inspires new ways of seeing, gestural movements, expressive visual representations that evoke emotions and memories of the invisible. These aspects are achieved in each work through movement, balanced harmony, the delicate blending of earth tones with powerful colours, traces of gold and the abstract representation of natural beauty with figurative flowers.

Azar Rubagotti has participated in exhibitions in the field of architecture and visual arts and her work has been featured in several international publications.

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Milan, Via Leto Pomponio, 6

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