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En el cielo no hay alcohol



120 x 100 cm
47 x 39.37 in







Oil on canva

, Spain

Francisco Mayor Maestre's painting transforms the cold facades with splashes of color, overflowing vegetation and impossible planes, bringing the hidden to the forefront. Even those patterns that seem to escape figuration, take us halfway between interior decoration -a wall paper- and street art -one more way of decorating the building, albeit from the outside-. He sees the elements that reflect the lives of people and break the monotony of the facades as an accidental act of resistance. The act of living and leaving a mark becomes the greatest achievement and those little touches of individuality manifest as an unconscious act of creation. The search for aesthetics.

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The gallery owner Aurora Vigil-Escalera opens a new space that is presented as a continuation of her thirty years of profession, which began in 1984 as a member of the Van Dyck Gallery under the guidance of her parents Alberto Vigil-Escalera and Ángeles Pérez. The variety in the cultural offer and the category of the represented artists become the hallmark...

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