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2000 EUR

In My Place


Single piece Signed



80 x 100 x 2 cm
31.50 x 39 x 0.79 in







oil on canvas

1972 Napoli, Italy

Francesco Dea was born in Naples in 1972.
After completing classical and legal studies, he approached the world of Art with increasing enthusiasm. In fact, his passion for music and literature led him, from a very young age, to deal with artistic and intellectual circles, enabling him to cultivate and refine an already marked natural sensitivity. After having undertaken legal studies, in 2000 he conducted an accurate study on colour and spontaneously turned to painting, immediately receiving excellent feedback from critics and the public, also thanks to his frequentation of recognised Neapolitan masters.
In 2012, he moved first to Lucca and then to Florence, where over the years he built up his work as a tour guide and dedicated himself to the search for a more conscious conception of his own artistic standards and objectives, further perfecting his technique and 'right vision' aimed at achieving a more responsive and clearer expression of his inner world on canvas. From the very beginning, his painting revealed itself to be instinctive, powerful, emotional, but at the same time sophisticated and marked by the remarkable elegance of the stroke. Gifted with a particular visionary talent, he succeeds in infusing his works with a remarkable emotional and visual intensity, thanks to the energy of the images evoked, the sensitivity in the choice of hues and the use of the material qualities of colour, which weaves on and off the canvas, suddenly giving rise to surprising explosions of colour. surprising chromatic explosions.
An interest in the mystical and esoteric world, accompanied by an authentic introspective research into the profound essence of the existential path each of us is called upon to follow, are traits deeply inherent in his creations. The representations obtained are the fruit of an extremely oneiric conception of the world around us, presenting abstractions with characters of depth and movement in which faces, objects, places and distinguishable forms swirl. distinguishable forms.
The artist's intention is that the naturalness mixed with expressive and chromatic strength of the images he proposes should be able to strike the observer's imagination to distract him from the limited confines of material reality, almost as if to shake his innermost soul to call forth its most dormant and hidden voices. most dormant and hidden voices.
The artistic method reflected in his works suggests references to Abstract Expressionism, Abstractionism and Informal painting, translating - however - into an absolutely recognisable style with characteristic traits.

Artist statement: 

"A passion for art has driven me towards pictorial representation, esoteric studies and curiosity about subtle worlds have amplified my visionary imagination, giving shape to my paintings; at the basis of my artistic activity, however, there is above all the desire to communicate on a pure, profound level, possibly with a positive outlook, and to ceaselessly discover the correspondence between what is inside and what is outside of us. The message sent must simply be the one that reaches everyone. The observer of the paintings receives what resonates in his or her own consciousness at that moment in life, in the most direct way in which he or she is able to perceive it, offering him or her a new space for his or her own inner search. My work consists of showing the invisible to make it conscious and visible, in unpredictable and ancestral colours, ways and forms." 

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