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1200 EUR
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Visione Onirica




70 x 50 cm
28 x 19.69 in






A unique work by the contemporary artist Francesco Cerutti created with tempera and metal leaves. With his works, Cerutti intends to accompany the observer on an inner journey, the purpose of which is to convey a sense of serenity. The style reflects this desire: careful and harmonious use of colour, with a reasoned choice of metals to best associate them with the various pigments.

This subject is part of the painter's most pop collection, in fact we find inscriptions and slogans on the surface that accompany a dreamlike vision of the artist. Work signed on the reverse.

Milan, Italy

Francesco Cerutti, artist and fashion designer, lives and works in Milan where he had studied art, chromotherapy, art therapy. His artistic path is strictly linked to an inner and spiritual journey: Cerutti describes, with his art, several years of interior research. The artist uses a mixed technique made of tempera and metals, like gold and silver leaves; the surface of the canvas is textured, the artist applies the leaf on it so that the artwork reflects the light, changing itself according to the illumination. This is a metaphor of the human journey on Earth, in between light and darkness. When we are totally surrounded by the right Dharma, following the way of Love, we reflect harmoniously our real nature and our higher potential. The use of colours is harmonious. Cerutti combines metals and different pigments to create a sensation of wellness inside the observer. His artworks always evoke serenity, light, positivity, a sense of connection with the Creative Source inside everyone of us.

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

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