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F#ck Eden





30 x 30 cm
12 x 11.81 in







Edition 1 of 9

Frame included : 40 x 40 cm with passe-partout

2001 , Italy

Born in Faenza in 2001, he is a digital artist and self-taught designer.
In 2017, during his accounting studies, he began to carry out various commissions and to become more and more familiar with all Adobe programs.
Continuing his studies in the field of computer science, his art becomes more and more focused on digital collage, with the aim of making vintage more and more POP.


“My collage aims to dismantle an imaginary inspired by propaganda and advertising and make it dreamlike. In this way, I am able to create completely new contexts, to put a concept on paper and to convey a message to the observer. In 2019, during a trip to Japan, I had the opportunity to deepen my artistic research and to hone my skill in storytelling, highly influenced and inspired by the myths and legends of the country I was visiting. My ultimate goal is to achieve aesthetic satisfaction, both through the use of bright colors, able to intrigue the most attentive eye, and through the addition of small details that enrich my works ".

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