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Mare Dentro V


Dated Titled Framed

From the series Mare Dentro



70 x 50 cm
28 x 19.69 in







Fine-Art Paper / Medium

Mixed Technique

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Museum Certificate and Certificate of Authenticity included

Frame included

1995 Padua, Italy

Francesca Piccinni was born in Padua in September 1995. After the first years lived in Veneto, she moved to Basilicata and then to Puglia. She returned to Veneto in 2014 to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where she obtained her Level I diploma in Painting in 2018 and subsequently her Level II diploma in Decoration. She is currently collaborating with Science Gallery Venice and CNR ISMAR Venice on the "Art of Marine Science" project, aimed at raising awareness of the major problems affecting seas and oceans. He paints, works and lives in Padua.


The artist observes everything that nature, especially the sea, gives her the opportunity to see and analyse. The final representation is the sum obtained by comparing multiple images, photos and memories. Sometimes the planning phase is cancelled, transforming the work into "thinking by doing" and this allows her to always find new solutions during the work phases. A fundamental element in her works is colour, the polychromy of nature is a 'garment' that she always carries with her and that influences the entire artistic process, leading her towards the final representation. The main protagonist of his works is the sea with all its wonders, but unfortunately also with all its problems. Research aimed at studying the health of our waters tells us how the sea is constantly threatened and incapable of defending itself, because it is increasingly exploited, hence impoverished, and increasingly damaged, hence offended.

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