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The Time is Always Right


Dated Titled



30 x 30 cm
12 x 11.81 in







Technique: mixed media on canvas;

Year: 2019.

1975 Bari, Italy

Florence Di Benedetto was born in Bari in 1975 to a French mother and an Italian father.

After a course of Fine Arts studies in the United States, in 1998 he graduated from the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan. She works as a fashion and still-life photographer and at the same time she undertakes a personal research centered on the contamination between photography and painting.

In 2001 he exhibited his works for the first time at the Ken Damy Museum of Contemporary Photography in Brescia. He began to collaborate with the artist photographer Maurizio Galimberti and for two years he devoted himself to deepening the artistic potential of instant photography.

In 2002 he took part in the Paris Biennale of photography with the Caractère Gallery.

In recent years his work has focused on the development of the portrait and the metropolitan landscape and on the development of image transfer techniques made with more traditional tools, reflex and b / w film on canvas, and on their subsequent pictorial reinterpretation. He has exhibited his works in Personal Exhibitions at the Galleria 196 and Il Sole Arte Contemporanea in Rome and at the Fu Xin Gallery in Shanghai.

2010 opened with a solo exhibition by the artist at the Glauco Cavaciuti Gallery, focused on the metropolitan city of New York.

In February 2011 Di Benedetto was selected for the final of the Arte Laguna Prize, which took place at the Nappe dell'Arsenale in March.

In June 2011 the Galleria Glauco Cavaciuti presented a second solo exhibition of the artist on the city of Milan and in May 2017 Cavaciuti opened its exhibition season with its "Details", the new cycle of works by Di Benedetto.

His latest publication is from November 2007, Florence is present with one of his works in the volume "13 × 17", edited by Philippe Daverio and published by Rizzoli, a book that represents a look at contemporary Italian art and artists.

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Milan, Via Vincenzo Monti 27

Glauco Cavaciuti inaugurates his Gallery in March 2006, dedicating an exhibition to Cracking Art artistic group, born at the beginning of nineties. In the following years, the Gallery's expositive activity has gone up and up, containing Alessandro Algardi (Milan, 1945), David Reimondo (Genova, 1972), Matteo Gastel (Milan, 1978) andMas...

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50 x 50 cm


The Great Masturbator


50 x 65 cm

450,00 €

Basketball Hoop


32.2 x 25.4 cm

150,00 €