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Dated Titled


50 x 50 x 12 cm
19.69 x 20 x 4.72 in







Mixed Media on Canvas

1983 Cento, Ferrara, Italy

Federica Cipriani was born in 1983, in Cento where she got her diploma in classical studies. She later obtained in 2006 a BSc in Decoration from the Art Academy of Bologna University. Since 2009, she manages the family craftsman company. Meanwhile, starting in 2015, she undertook in parallel her artistic production, currently focused on harmony, movement and identity.

Inspired by the surrounding unrestrained beauty, with its shapes, colors and poetry, she recently introduced harshness aspects from her daily personal and working experience.
Her technique tends to blend both painting and the 3D of sculpture, reproducing a vivid architecture made of hundreds of nailed paper shapes.

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Catania, Via San Michele 28

Not only a gallery but also a creative space that pulsates with the beating heart of Catania city and the young artistic milieu of Contemporary Art. The gallery opened in 2014 in Via San Michele thanks to the initiative of Art historian Aurelia Nicolosi, and it welcomes new generations of national as well international top-notch artists. Thanks to the pric...

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Deep Blue


116 x 73 x 4 cm

3000,00 €

Coeur de Nuit


100 x 100 x 5 cm

700,00 €