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Banana Tiama Toile de Juoy


Signed Dated Titled


80 x 80 cm
31.50 x 32 in







Technique: acrylic on "Toile de Juoy" patterned cotton fabric stretched on a loom;

Year: 2020;

Work made of acrylic on cotton fabric with "Toile de Juoy" pattern stretched on a loom. The artist represents a banana, pop fruit par excellence, deprived of its natural yellow aspect. Fè looks at one of the most appreciated themes by artists over the centuries: still life. Fè decides to reinterpret it and synthesize it in pure forms, giving it his personal touch as an artist. The banana becomes a minimal icon in contrast with a background richly decorated with classical motifs. The work is signed on the back. 


, Italy

She lives and works in Milan where she deals with industrial design and visual arts. From the design world she get the passion and the aptitude of transform the idea in an concrete object. After a life at the computer - between play and work - she rediscovers the pleasure of get her hands dirty with different materials, like brushes, acrylics and spray cans, and also resins, enamels and cement - going from the second to the third dimension - to experience the freedom of the artistic gesture. In the last year, she combines the virtual world with the materic one, experiencing the 3d print techniques.

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

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