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900 EUR
4.2 5 20


Grow to bloom


Single piece Signed Titled



40 x 50 cm
16 x 19.69 in







Oil on canvas, unframed

Signed on the back

1964 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Keeping me guessing. That is, hey, I want to surprise myself. When I am in a brush sequence that seems very logical, applying pictorial laws, I create an exit for myself by incorporating something illogical. That means I invent a new space, a foreign colour, something radical, even something destructive. Then again I rest by inventing a rhythm, a pattern, something repetitive to calm down. I have to shake up my intuition, forget to paint anything too permissible. And then, when logical, wonderfully experienced structures found in nature have arrived on the canvas, permeated by colours that often arise from momentary joy and some pictorial laws have taken their leave, there remains a final act; when is it a painting? Then a few days of letting go and maturing pass and often a new venture is needed, final overpaintings and accentuations.

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Köln, Rolandstrasse 69

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