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Looking for an Exit, 2020


6000,00 €

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Axis Art Gallery, Cape Town

Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed


150 x 90 x 6 cm
59.06 x 35 x 2.36 in







  • About the work

This piece was painted in reaction to Alain Badiou's interpretation of Plato's famous Allegory of the Cave: "Take the Cave as a metaphor of the world in its normal, oppressive, obscure situation. The world as it is. The world where there exists oppression, division, rich and poor, and so on. What Plato explains is that you can find an exit and that progressively the idea is the discovery of a new meaning of the world. You see something of the truth of the world, which was invisible when you were in the cave. Once outside, you understand that you were in the cave. Plato describes magnificently - you see the trees, sky, and finally the sun. The sun is the metaphor of the idea of what the true nature of the cave and the world is. And Plato, at this moment, said what we should do with all that, the idea. We must return to the cave. To do what? To organize the exit. First, you have the chance to find the exit, and then you have the duty to return to the cave to organize the exit of the people of the cave."

About the Artists

, Georgia

Erekle is a Georgian based artist with an extensive art education. He is especially passionate about exploring the subconscious mind by investigating what lies beyond the curtains of everyday life through the lens of his artworks. He works in oil and acrylic, but often combine traditional methods with inventive, experimental applications.

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Cape Town, 37 Parliament Street

In a very competitive art industry, Axis Art Gallery is an exclusive boutique style gallery with carefully curated art pieces on the wall. Taking advantage of the digital age, however, we offer you more of the best available works from our artists, to be viewed on several online platforms. We aim to promote innovation, craftsmanship and freedom of expression...

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