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Saluto alla bandiera





70 x 50 cm
28 x 19.69 in







Hand retouched lithography.

Baj's art always exudes a strong irony, a grotesque effect, with depictions of subjects with an amused look. Beneath this amusing and playful appearance his works reveal a strong political commitment and critique of society. We find this commitment especially in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a period when Baj painted subjects such as army generals and military parades.

These are men who are supposed to embody strength and power, but are instead depicted awkwardly, ironically, and almost childishly. In fact, we find all these peculiarities in this lithograph, where the figure of the general stands out sharply from the bluish-gray background, where his uniform is embellished with simply drawn medals, with his eyes wide open and his mouth completely open, almost hinting at a sort of smile. His right hand is raised in salute.

Instead, the man, who is supposed to represent power, is almost " mocked" through a funny and awkward depiction. The lithograph is hand-signed in the lower right corner. The total print run of the work is 125 copies. This specifically is a "bene si stampi," i.e., an artist's proof, as evidenced by the notes written by Baj himself at the bottom: "this black spot has nothing to do with it" and "print black first." This work testifies to the partnership between artist and printer in creating the subject.

1924 Milano, Italy

Enrico Baj (1924-2003) was an Italian painter and sculptor. So active in intellectual and political Italian life, his works are the depiction of an ironic, sarcastic an often grotesque critic to the social and civil context in Italy.

He is a representative of the Italian Artistic Avantgarde, he found in 1952 the Movement of the Nuclear Painting and in 1954 the Mouvement International pour une Bauhaus Imaginiste. He often uses collage to realize his works, different materials and the most famous subjects are Generals and Military parades.

He is strongly influenced by contemporary reality, from '70s his criticism increases and in '70s his creations are contaminated by kitsch, the one and only style able to represent the decadence of the contemporary culture, according to Baj's thought).

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

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