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Signed Dated Titled



38 x 38 cm
15 x 14.96 in







Technique: colour litograph and collage;

Year: 1972;

Litograph from Le cravate ne vaut pas une médaille, book-object realized and signed by Enrico Baj in 200 copies. This litograph is part of the sample 111/160 and it's published on the catalogue I libri di Baj, Electa edition, p. 126, n. 218.

1924 Milano, Italy

Enrico Baj (1924-2003) was an Italian painter and sculptor. So active in intellectual and political Italian life, his works are the depiction of an ironic, sarcastic an often grotesque critic to the social and civil context in Italy.

He is a representative of the Italian Artistic Avantgarde, he found in 1952 the Movement of the Nuclear Painting and in 1954 the Mouvement International pour une Bauhaus Imaginiste. He often uses collage to realize his works, different materials and the most famous subjects are Generals and Military parades.

He is strongly influenced by contemporary reality, from '70s his criticism increases and in '70s his creations are contaminated by kitsch, the one and only style able to represent the decadence of the contemporary culture, according to Baj's thought).

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