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Dated Titled

From the series Playtiles



12 x 12 cm
5 x 4.72 in





Fine art print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Giclé Photo Rag Baryta paper.
Edition 1/10 + 2 AP (7 editions 12x12 e 3 editions 30x30cm)

The series "Playtiles the Istant" is a tribute to the work of Donata Clovis, who died in 2016. Although she died at the early age of 39 years old, she left behind a conspicuous documentation of her highly emotional and personal artistic research, which Tallulah Studio Art has archived.

The "Playtiles" series by Donata Clovis is a collection of 100 small autobiographical photographs, printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Giclé Photo Rag Baryta 315 gsm 100% cotton white high gloss, with a leger support.

Her photographs depict stolen moments of her life, during which she was always seeking for affection and a sense of community as, she claimed, those feelings were able to heal one’s soul. Thus, her works captured shots from her numerous road trips, portraits of her friends, that were a fundamental aspect of Clovis's life, and multivarious details that her attentive eye perceived and that were filling a void characterizing the artist’s inner persona.

These images are striking as they are representing the reality from a point of view that we would not have thought of. "What photography reproduces infinitely has only taken place once"

1977 Como, Italy

Donata Clovis (Como, 15 May 1977 - Milan, 8 July 2016).

Clovis graduates with a BA in scenography from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, in Milan, and during her years at the Academy she is inseparable from her camera. Through a sensitive and curious gaze, she wanders around the world capturing faces, souls and places, with a particular attention for the Milanese metropolis.

While working as a photographer in the music video industry and being a constant presence in movies’ backstages, she further specializes in stage photography earning a Master Degree from La Scala Academy in Milan.

During her career she collaborates with well-know personalities from the cultural industry creating interesting and remarkable projects, such as "Pas de Deux”, a video she realized together with the movie director Francesco Fej on the theme of the double (https://vimeo.com/28990719, starring Martina Codecasa). She also signs important covers for La Repubblica D Magazine and Elle Decor Italia Magazine. In 2007, she produced her first play 'Esito Infausto' (music by Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato), staged at Pim Theater in Milan and at the Conservatory of Como (https://rumorebianco-stefania.blogspot.it/2007/06/esito-infausto-8-giugno-2007-pim-milano.htm).

Interweaving several disciplines, from photography to video making, acting and singing, and several cultures, her artistic research focuses on an attentive observation of the inner world and on its relationships and discrepancies with the surrounding environment.

To Donata, the camera was the extension of her soul. She was a careful, refined artist able to portray known or unknown faces, landscapes, moments of life, gently revealing their hidden inner beauty.

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Milan, Piazzale Antonio Baiamonti, 3

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