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Rhythm of Lines


Single piece Signed



69.85 x 99.06 cm
28 x 39.00 in







This 27.5" x 39" screen print by artist David Mladjovic depicts an abstract design of striking lines and shapes in a palette of mauve, black, blue, and purple. Mladjovic credits screen printing techniques to the ways his works implores lines and layers to created layered dynamic compositions.

"To compose, or to put one next to the other, is the arrangement of parts in a whole composition. Personally, the composition as a term in fine arts notes the structure that they create together in an artistic element in their interrelationOur admiration for the composition is the result of a long process of adjustment, which has been for years and for reasons that very often have nothing to do with art. Picture created her viewer. It's a conventional relationship.The composition as a style is grounded on the theory of neoplasticism or abstraction of art and the reduction of it to as few factors as possible. The composition for me is aimed at bringing the truth closer to the foundations of things around us."--David Mladjovic

1994 Belgrade, Serbia

Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade enrolls in 2013/14. Finishes basic academic studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2017. at the Graphic Department. He graduated Master of Academic Studies from the same faculty in 2017/18. He enrolled in doctoral academic studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade 2018/19. He got a scholarship from the Fund for Young Talents of the Republic of Serbia (Dositej scholarship) 2016/17. At Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) he stayed one semester at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the class of professor Manolis Janadakis as part of the international European student exchange program “ERASMUS +” in 2017.
He was nominated by the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade for a student exchange program with the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (Croatia) in 2018/19. under the “ERASMUS +” program. Participates in the international graphic workshop in Bogdanci (Macedonia) within the printmaking house “Sofija” in 2018. He is a member of the Association of Visual Artists of Serbia (ULUS) since 2018.

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99.7 x 69.85cm

1158,00 €


69.85 x 77.47cm

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77.79 x 100.33cm

1158,00 €


Oklahoma City, 1515 N. Lincoln Blvd,

1515 Lincoln Gallery is a contemporary and estate art gallery residing in a 1920’s historic house on Lincoln Boulevard in Oklahoma City. Founder, Susan McCalmont, cultivates art education and meaningful connections with a wide variety of modern and secondary market art genres from around the world. McCalmont has established a unique all-inclusive gallery s...

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