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All Of A Sudden

From the series DREAMSCAPE



76.2 x 182.88 cm
30 x 72.00 in




Digital C-Print on Archival Photographic Paper

Medium - 30" x 72" edition of 10 $12,000

Large - 40" x 96" edition of 7 $18,000

Lightbox - 40" x 96" edition of 3 $36,000

1970 , Canada

Love stories and landscapes are at the foundation of David Drebin's panoramas, portraits, and neon sculptures. His monograph Love and Other Stories (2007) features solitary women in urban tableaux—high-rise apartments buildings and terraces, freeway overpasses and hotel rooms. Dressed alternately in bikinis, evening gowns, and negligees, the women appear to be in various stages of a love affair. They pout while lying on couches and ascend grand staircases; their legs emerge from doorways and car doors, their concealed upper bodies assumedly engaged in passionate embraces. Drebin's cityscapes present sweeping views of famous locales such as Jerusalem, Paris, and New York and incorporate both built and natural features. In San Francisco Dusk (2010), an illuminated grid of buildings reaches toward the misty blue horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

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Greenwich CT, 40 West Putnam Ave

Trimper Gallery is located in Greenwich, CT. We are a favorite destination for both local & international art lovers. We represent a carefully curated selection of artists across all mediums like painting, sculpture, photography, and prints by some of the leading established, mid-career, & emerging contemporary artists from around the world. We work with fir...

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