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Castello, Tuscany, Italy


Signed Dated Titled


111.76 x 139.7 x 5.08 cm
44 x 55.00 x 2.00 in








, Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia-based photographer David Burdeny has degrees in both Interior design and a master's in Architecture. At the age of 12 David started to Photograph the prairie landscape and make his own prints in a darkroom that also served as his bedroom closet. Primarily self-taught his architecture and design background greatly influences his penchant for creating simple exacting compositions of land sky and water. 


Traveling extensively and often working with an elevated perspective, David’s aerial work investigates how attitude transforms a landscape entirely.  Captured in Western Australia and The Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA, His Saltern series are temporal studies of human-made structures and organic forces which have been hybridized into a unique habitat. From above, these images reveal the geological, artificial, and hydrological connections that are paradoxically sublime and awe-inspiring.  The combination of his images’ ability to compel the viewer to enter and bring their attention towards the axis of detail and movement, light and dark, inorganic and organic forms suggest that for Burdeny our relationship with the landscape is not a passive one.

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