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29.7 x 42 cm
11.69 x 17 in






Drawings & Works on Paper

Technique: Fine marker on glossy paper 180 gr

This series by David Arnás is based on the creation of artificial anatomies such as junk, floating factories, chimneys or platforms; cosmic as gravitational systems of planets or asteroids; or organic with cellular elements similar to membranes, mitochondria or cytoplasm. Basic, minimalist or complex forms similar to electrical or pseudoneural systems. Devices, structures or organisms created by the simple exercise of free composition, the pleasure of the pure line of drawing and the interest in volumes. Inspiration comes from architectural plans, assembly instructions, electrical circuits, factories, organic geometries, or Jazz improvisations. And fundamental is the use of bright, primary, pastel or fluorescent colors for the development of these unreal morphologies.

1976 Madrid, Spain

The artistic vocation of David Arnás Bravo (Madrid, 1976) is inherited. He is the son of an artist and, therefore, technique and understanding, in a first stage of initiation, correspond to his teaching. His subsequent evolution towards a personal pictorial vocabulary arises from the search for what he wants to tell and, in most of the works, suggest.
Having studied advertising and marketing, photography and comics, he began to exhibit at a very young age in collectives with a work very close to a narrative figuration. His interest was centered on the individual, his rites and circumstances, and on the restlessness and restlessness of his strange reality. At one point, a new form of expression was proposed and he decided to divide the artist in two. The creation of imaginary morphologies through the exercise of free composition of objects, shapes and volumes based on the purity of line drawing, revealed itself as a path to explore. The primary colors, pastel or fluorine would be protagonists and all the elements of this new work would show an unusual spontaneity for himself. This new nature conceived in the development of organic geometries, metal frameworks or artifacts destined for an indeterminate purpose would end up being part of a language that could be used to create a microscopic world or, perhaps, an inexhaustible cosmos.

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Madrid, -

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