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Frontal Mocha (Identity) Discover the best available selection of digital collages by the artist Dave McClinton. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness!
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Frontal Mocha (Identity)


Dated Titled

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91 x 91 cm
35.83 x 36 in







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Technique: Digital Collage.

1968 Chicago, United States

Dave McClinton combine his love of photography, art and graphic design to create works that speak to the viewer by communicating something specific and obvious but also harboring subtexts that require repeated viewing or discussion. His 25 year career as a graphic designer has been to communicate quickly and efficiently through logo and branding work. That economy of message can be applied to art.

"In the African American community, they are slowly rediscovering our history that has not been fully illustrated. It’s his job as visual communicator to review historical information and inform the community by bringing these concepts to life and help visually define our identity. And to distribute these stories about the strengths and trials of the African American community. Dave want to illustrate the life-cycle of the inner life of a black person. From innocent to informed. From recklessly defiant to determined. How the weight of American history can either crush you or harden you. And, how either result often has to be hidden from view just to get through the day. The anger of the African-American community is often portrayed as a threat. The anger of “traditional’ communities is depicted as righteous. This paradigm feeds stress and despair back into black lives and thus stokes the fires we try to simultaneously hide and harness."


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North Miami Beach, FL, 791 NE 125 th St

The Contemporary Art Modern Project, (The CAMP), focuses on bringing exposure to the artist, without exposing the artist to exploitive practices rampant in the art world. Also part and parcel of this new venture is The Camp Gang, who through their own unique and creative insight add to the fresh approach of marrying the online world with the traditional art ...

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