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Single piece


25 x 23 cm
10 x 9.06 in







Ink on paper 

1977 Porto, Portugal

Daniel Gonçalves was born in Porto, Portugal in 1977. He is a self-taught artist with an overflowing creativity. This gift, associated with a hyperactive personality, led him from an early age towards artistic creation with particular attention to the play of shapes and colors. 
After several experimental phases, the artist opted for an obsessive black and white, materialized in abstract geometric designs, albeit stained by organic elements: a repetitive minimal aesthetic, more circular than linear. Gonçalves' vectors, suns, eyes and concentric wheels are hypnotic drawings meticulously executed on paper with pen and India ink, with the possible addition of colors. The Portuguese artist's works start from an idea of controlling the sheet space which is segmented and filled with geometric motifs but are not planned beforehand, they reveal themselves during their development: "It's as if I were in a trance, as if  my hand was guided by a superior energy and strength” (from Tony Thorne “Squaring the circle” Raw Vision 101). His work is thus placed between optical art and the mediumistic expressions of Art Brut. 
Gonçalves has been exhibiting internationally for years, from Paris to New York. His work was first noticed and exhibited in the Treger Saint Silvestre collection in the Arte Oliva center; it was published in issue 101 of Raw Vision magazine in spring 2019 and acquired by the Art et Marges Museum among others in 2021.

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Milan, via Maroncelli 12

Since 2014, Maroncelli 12 gallery has been putting its passion at the service of creators off the beaten track, whether they are “classics” already consecrated by museums and collections or contemporary discoveries promised to the recognition of the art world. It specialized on self-taught art according to the Art Brut tradition and its development. Our ...

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