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Baby Bear 1


Single piece Signed Dated Titled


58.42 x 99.06 x 185.42 cm
23 x 39.00 x 73.00 in







Corten Steel


1950 Massachusetts, United States

I am a full time metal sculptor from Massachusetts. I design both large-scale sculptures for individual installation with private collectors and temporary public exhibits full of multiple pieces.

My love for art lies in abstract geometrics, and much of my body of work encompasses the clean simple properties of that style. Over the years, I have incorporated iconic and whimsical shapes into my sculptures that allow viewers to connect with my art on an emotional level. My public exhibits feature sculptures that do just this. I strive to create thought-provoking work that is sophisticated, easily recognized, and will serve as a mental postcard.

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Baby Bear

58.42 x 99.06 x 185.42cm

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Baby Bear 2

58.42 x 99.06 x 185.42cm

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Mama Bear 1

76.2 x 132.08 x 5.08cm

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Mama Bear 2

76.2 x 132.08 x 248.92cm

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Happy Pup

187.96 x 106.68 x 243.84cm

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Whistler, Unit #110, 4293 Mountain Square

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