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Irene, potencia y desequilibrio, 2018

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Cánem Galeria, Castelló


70 x 100 cm
27.56 x 39 in






Video & Installation


  • About the work
Video installation. Variable dimensions. "Bodies & Places: Affection" In our current world, so tangled up with virtuality and technology, something perseveres, something opaque, indecipherable, irreducible to calculation although always present. We call it Body in computing language. Mortal, sensitive flesh, thoughtful flesh. Without purity and without truth. The Body is also pierced by virtuality and technology: I cannot think now about my body without thinking about a stuck-on image, almost indistinguishable from the flesh. However, this is not the road to any utopia, on the contrary. For this reason, so many light fantasies of a supposed technological liberation would like to abolish the body, because of its weight. The series Double Self-portrait (2017) accounts for this. Sometimes, the images goes inside such as in the video installation Irene (2017), and old-contemporary reinvention of the body being attached to an image itself. Bodies create bodies by affection: to feel and to attract, an exchange of energies. Bodies transform one another and they can also transform trees, mutating as in The Olive Tree (2011). Other times, bodies impersonate the place, creating it. In 2031/2111 (2011), the people from Ayerbe clearly tell us she will continue to wear high heels. Others imagine it old, like their own flesh. The body of the place is political, but as in weight and question, not as an easy shortcut – correctness and hedonism. This is its grandeur, its endless fascination.

About the Artists

1960 , Italy

Claudio Zulian was born in Italy (Campodarsego, Padua), and lives in Barcelona, Spain. He has a PhD in Aesthetics, Science and Technology of Art, by the Université Paris-Saint Denis (France). His multiform artwork includes visual art, film, television, music, theatre and literature. His works are displayed in some of the most important art centres and museums, along with screenings of his documentaries in festivals from all over the world. The Centre d'Art Jeu de Paume in Paris had a retrospective of his work in 2013. He has exhibited at the Bienal de Arte, Guatemala (2012), the Bòlit Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Girona, and the Centro de Artes Contemporáneas, Vic, (2012) among others. He has also had his work shown at the LOOP Festival, Barcelona (2016).

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Castelló, C / Antonio Maura, 6

CÀNEM galería is a contemporary art space which displays, promotes and sells creative disciplines of visual arts. The gallery opened in 1974 in Castelló de la Plana, and since then, it has always supported and promoted plural creators and stood up for the arts. Has accompanied, guided and complemented artists throughout their careers, contributing to givi...

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