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Unitled #3


Single piece


30 x 30 cm
12 x 11.81 in







Mixed media 

1971 , Colombia

Clara Ochoa is a contemporary artist born in Colombia in 1971. She studied Fine Arts & Design in Medellin, Colombia.
Clara has successfully exhibited her artwork in Colombia and US where she has her studio in the art district of Wynwood, Florida. She has collectors of her work in Europe, South and North America. Her artworks are colorful and energetic bringing positive energies to any space. She is considered a pop artist and uses mixed media elements for her artistic creations.
Art for me is more than expression, it is a complete world of love, good vibes, colors, and all the good things life has for us. When I am creating I feel amazing and when I am not physically creating I am all the time thinking how is going to be my next piece, but always 24/7 I think about art. My Art is based in nature, love, music and good vibes, I really need to create pieces that when you look at it, you feel recharge your soul with good energy and beautiful messages that is all we need to be happy.

I do mixed media and acrylic on canvas very colorful, with flowers, hearts, fruits but always based in nice colors and mixed with parts of songs that I like too much.

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Buenos Aires, San Mateo 3761

AC Contemporary started its activity in 2004 with the team being formed by multidisciplinary professionals with whom it elaborates the different art proposals. The gallery participates in national and international art exhibitions: MIA Art Fair (2011), Miami Arteaméricas 2011 and 2012; ArtSan Diego 2011; San Diego, 2012. ArtExp ...

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Triangle Matrix


91.44 x 91.44 cm

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