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133 x 172 cm
52 x 67.72 in







Mixed media on canvas

1934 , China

Chuang Che was born in 1934, in Beijing, China. After graduating from the Fine Arts Department at the Taiwan Provincial University of Education (now National Taiwan Normal University) in 1958, Chuang joined the “Fifth Moon Group” and actively participated in the modern art movement in Taiwan. In 1966, he received a travel grant by the J.D. Rockefeller III Fund, and went to study in the United States. After resigning from Tunghai University in Taiwan in 1973, he moved to the United States. Currently, Chuang lives in New York and focuses on the creation of abstract painting. In 1992, he was invited by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum to hold a solo exhibition. Chuang’s works have been repeatedly exhibited in international exhibitions and housed by many local and foreign museums and private collectors. Chuang Che’s style of painting is unique in the use of color. In his early works Chuang mainly focuses on abstraction, later on he concentrates on landscape painting, and finally he tries to incorporate eastern elements in his modern works, thus using abstract and figurative art as the expression of true feeling. Chuang adopted Eastern ink techniques to Western painting to convey his personal expression.

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Paris, 16 rue de Provence 75009, Paris

Specializing in the abstract post-war movement in the West, Sabine Vazieux has dedicated the past several years exploring her passion for the aesthetic dialogue between Eastern and Western art. Her travels to discover and research historical movements resulted in rich encounters with artists and numerous studio visits worldwide, bearing fruit in Sabine’s ...

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The Jute Composition


153 x 308 cm

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