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Samsonite Moiré



167 x 48 x 24 cm
65.75 x 19 x 9.45 in







 Suitcase with manually drilled holes on a wooden plinth

1978 , Denmark


Christoffer Joergensen (*1978) born in Denmark. Lives and works in Zürich. BA Honours, Byam Shaw School of Art London, Master’s in photography, Royal College of Art, London. The exploitation of the planet’s resources has left deep scars in nature and now the exploitation of the human mind through data mining is leaving deep scars in our psyches, too. I aim to depict the material as well as spiritual wastelands beyond the world that global corporations have carved out around and inside us. Those scars are where I find material for my compositions, my inspiration and hope for the future. 

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Zurich, Luegislandstrasse 105

@TheOff.Space mainly supports local and Swiss artists to present one of their first solo exhibitions. The Offspace also invites artists who, after a long break from exhibitions or creative work, would like to become actively involved in the Zurich and Swiss art scene again. Since it is financially difficult for many artists to find a suitable space, the Offs...

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