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I'm Here


Single piece Signed Titled


118 x 68 cm
46 x 26.77 in







Mix media on Canvas 

Thessaloniki, Greece

Charoula Nikolaidou is a visual artist based in Thessaloniki, Greece. She graduated from the Visual and Applied Arts of Aristotle University. All her works through her studies in the Faculty of Arts centered on the expression of emotion. Finding inspiration in her own encounters with other people and her immediate surroundings, her body of work is rooted in exploring and observing how people behave in relationships and how they inhabit the spaces they live in whilst focusing on the fluidity of identity through the iconography of the human body. In her practice, she filters the vivid, distorted aesthetics of artists such as Henri Matisse and Francis Bacon. Her fictional characters inhabit the canvas playfully as they chill, sit and chat. They sometimes hang out in groups and sometimes enjoy a moment of solitude. Nikolaidou works entirely from imagination, reflecting her own experiences, interactions, passions and interests. Through her abstract figuration, layered portraits, familiar yet dreamy and fluid compositions, the artist challenges the viewers' perceptions and shifts their focus from the subject matter to the emotional state. In 2021, her work was published in the international Bluebee Magazine, Voice of Artists Magazine by Artitnet, and Artist Talk Magazine. She had many group and solo exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus, London, Paris, Geneva, Madrid and Marbella (Spain), and Iowa (USA). Her work has been included in many private collections worldwide.

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