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"Lost" XL Dripping Pollock Painting Discover the best available selection of paintings by the artist Caroline Vis. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
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"Lost" XL Dripping Pollock Painting


Single piece Signed Titled



160 x 100 x 2 cm
62.99 x 39 x 0.79 in







Painting: Acrylic, Ink on Canvas.

"Lost" A dripping pouring Jackson Pollock style large painting.

Hearing Coldplay's music, I found myself lost in the creation of this painting. I love going into the deep world called emotion, feeling like living life to the fullest. Lost is a full color painting where as viewer you may find yourself lost in watching the image

Art to me is like breathing - I can't live without it! 

Caroline Vis is a gifted French artist who has exhibited her work in France, the US, UK, Netherlands and Germany. With a firm understanding of the need for both chance and control throughout the creative process, she produces abstract paintings that pop with colour, vision, and - most importantly for Vis - movement.

1965 Ploubazlanec, France

Movie Caroline Vis interview art Paintings: Watch

Caroline (1965 Ploubazlanec, France, Born The Netherlands) creates abstract expressionist paintings which often arise in large format.
Caroline started a serious collection at 2013/2014
She was owner of two restaurants but at night she has painted for years, she claimed: I have painted my way of grief to total happiness!
Caroline get be inspirational by her own emotional feelings, most of the time because she has watch an interview or documentaries and is touched by the unfairness of the world.
For Caroline it seems that creating Art is as important as breathing, There is nothing more difficult than being torment by creation, it burns inside your creative brain and won’t rest until it is done in reality.
At the moment exhibits Caroline Vis international, and offer her art directly through her website, but also via reputable auction houses in the US and all over Europe. Caroline quotes:: “art to me is like breathing, I can't live without art in my life!”

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Ploubazlanec, 3 rue frederic et irene Julio Curie

On the coast site of Brittany France lays on the route 3 km near Paimpol and direct on the route Ile Brehat , you will found a Lovely place on the coast side named : Ploubazlanec. It is the area where a lot of Artist found a place to live, this because of the pureness of the sea and nature. We all have to be patience, at this moment the Gallery is under...

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