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Dated Titled


50 x 40 cm
19.69 x 16 in







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1997 circa.

Mixed media on canvas.

1941 Naples, Italy

Bruno Donzelli's pictorial production is divided into pictorial cycles, for examples "Ormare" and "Siparietti impertinenti".

Initially inspired by the language of Pop and Cobra, Donzelli, already at the end of the sixties, turns to an expressionist painting. He later develops a personal stylistic code, which reaches total artistic maturity only in the last decades. Donzelli therefore weaves a close dialogue with the historical avant-gardes and with modern paintings, in his works you can see the footsteps of Picasso, Warhol, Fontana and Kandinsky.

In 1989 he created some works on ceramics, multiples and unique hand-painted pieces.

In 1991 he also tried his hand at scenography, with the creation of costumes and set-ups for the show "Crazy Nights in Petersburg", taken from Dostoevsky's "White Nights" at Teatro dell’Orologio in Rome.

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

Pisacane Arte is a contemporary and modern art gallery situated in Milan. With over 300 mq of space, the gallery organizes exhibitions, events and cultural conferences in order to encourage the encounter between artists, collectors and art lovers. The art gallery offers artworks by historicized and emerging artists, with a particular attention to pop and st...

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Gioca Martini


32 x 46 cm

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Vive la Vie en Voiture Simone


30 x 40 cm

100,00 €

The One With White Couch


200 x 180 cm