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L’ivresse des Derviches ou la ronde extatique des traits Discover the best available selection of works on paper by the artist Bertrand Derel. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness!
3600 EUR

L’ivresse des Derviches ou la ronde extatique des traits


Dated Titled Framed

From the series Attendre, patienter et entrer dans le temps

3600,00 €


117.5 x 85.5 cm
46.26 x 34 in






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Pencil, ink, graphite, matt varnish.

This work comes from the series "Attendre, patienter et entrer dans le temps", it refers more particularly to the triptych: Cosmogonie 1, 2 and 3 or how to make curves with straight lines, the process put in place to develop this drawing is the same and is based on the study of Ptolemy about geocentrism. The roots of this design are rooted in science; it is a question of a series of squares inscribed in circles which are subjected to rotations according to the principle of epicycles that Ptolemy describes in the observation of stars orbiting around the earth. With this drawing, I also want to show that, based on an encrypted and very framed protocol, we can achieve shapes that encourage contemplation. As its title indicates, this series of calculating angles that turns the square becomes a sort of ritual that makes my drawing gesture become a meditative and spiritual act.

, France

"My approach is protean in the sense that it does not freeze in a single direction. I use several mediums so as not to restrict my expressive possibilities. However, drawing is at the heart of all my practices. It is my verb. Thanks to it, I can formalize my thoughts and make them evolve. Thus, all my projects are born on paper. It is then characterized by my curiosity and the desire to recompose what I glean from my encounters. I do not limit this word only to human relations; for me, these meetings bring together all the events and sensations that provoke an emotion. I collect them using sketches, notes or photographs. To do this, I am often outside to nourish my senses. I don't have a frozen obsession, all areas interest me.

I read and travel a lot. Then, my work is developed and built in the studio. I mix, recompose, assemble this data in order to obtain series of drawings which group together and evoke all the  sensations felt.It can also be a recombination of my sources of inspiration to serve an idea that I want to develop, a bit like elements of language constructing a discourse. Hence also the important place of words in my work, especially in titles. It is then from this point that I can switch from paper to painting or sculpture, which are more "physical" forms of expression".

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Paris, -

The Maison Contemporain gallery was founded in February 2020. It specializes in the representation of emerging French and international artists. Maison contemporain represents today a selection of more than 300 artists to offer for sale more than 5,000 works of art all mediums combined. Recognized for the quality of the artists presented, Maison contempora...

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