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500 EUR






65 x 50 cm
25.59 x 20 in







Acrylic on canvas

, Germany

Artist Profile:

Barbara Paschke suffers from agoraphobia, avoids people and the public. In 2018, she then discovered painting for herself and started with the paintings of the forest. She exhibited those in March 2019 in a small café and received an enormous amount of encouragement. That, what people felt, what own story they told when looking at the paintings, was a great surprise for the artist. In each of her paintings lies her soul. Painting at first only what she felt, she is now always looking for new challenges. For example, she uses larger canvases, venturing into things she has seen and that have fascinated her. She always comes up against her limits and tries to overcome them.


Barbara Paschke has already participated in several national and international exhibitions such as in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Artist Statement

"Art for me is; when the work directly touches the heart, the viewer lingers, makes connections and finds peace.... My works are very different, I move partly close to impressionism, then again to the present to abstract painting, but no one feels the same every day.... In some of my works (2eyes collection) you can find a pair of eyes - Why?- not only the eye of the beholder dives in, evaluates and defines the painting... Paintings trigger something in us - they "see", through design - depth, color, shadow, light - directly into our soul. Each of my paintings is created directly on the canvas, since the first sketch is usually also the best, it should therefore also become the final painting. This method makes me both creator and observer."

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Berlin, Friedrichstraße

The gallery was established in August 2012 founded by Rusa Makowski and is located in the heart of Berlin, at the Gendarmenmarkt, Friedrichstrassee. The gallery focuses on international and contemporary works of art, from the the fields of Painting, Graphic, Photography and Sculptures . The works, issued by Makowski Rusa, are partly from established artists,...

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In the Shadow of Shagri-La


183 x 122 x 3 cm

11000,00 €