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Tea Set


Dated Titled



17.5 x 45 x 29.2 cm
6.89 x 18 x 11.50 in








From a limited edition of 225

Sold in mint condition

1982 , Japan

Ayako Rokkaku’s exuberant paintings, which feature cartoonish characters adrift in rainbow-tinged fields, have won her fans across the globe. The self-taught Japanese artist usually paints with her bare hands, giving her Superflat-esque figures and color schemes a rougher edge. Her chosen surfaces range from canvases to pieces of cardboard and vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases. Rokkaku began painting in 2002 and her big break arrived in 2006, when she was awarded the prestigious Akio Goto Prize at Kaikai Kiki’s Geisai art fair. Since then, she has exhibited at galleries in Paris, Tokyo, and Amsterdam, and in 2015, she participated in the Swatch Art Pavilion’s Open Studio at the Venice Biennale. Her work regularly fetches six-figure prices on the secondary market. Rokkaku’s raucous compositions reflect her love for the unbounded freedom and energy of childhood.

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London, 4 Cromwell Place

Baldwin Projects is a London based art gallery specialising in Post-War and Contemporary prints, editions and works on paper. We specialise in works by leading British and American artists who rose to prominence during the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, and a selection of Contemporary artists from the 21st century. We are located in London (UK) and maintain a...

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