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Paisaje VII




100 x 100 cm
39.37 x 39 in






Drawings & Works on Paper

Aurelio San Pedro is seen as an established mid-career artist, who was born in Spain in 1983.

1983 Barcelona, Spain

He was born the 26th July 1983 in Barcelona.

Studied electrical engineering and geomantic topography. After years of working as head of topography in Fcc, he decided to study an Advanced degree in applied arts at La Massana School. Once he finished those studies, he started a 3D, postproduction and visual effects master. He is currently balancing between the 3D designer works and his artistic career. His multidisciplinary work aloud him to adapt to every kind of message he tries to express. Using figurative or abstract art, materials, and techniques as paint, sculpture, collage… In his current line of work, he uses memory as a plastic way of expression.

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Barcelona, Carrer de Trafalgar, 70

In January 2016, the Pigment Gallery gallery was born in Barcelona. Pigment is the matter that gives paint its color. Its etymological origin comes from the Latin word pigmentum, which is composed of the verb “pingere” (to paint) and the suffix “-mento” (result). This simple term turned out to be suitable for naming the gallery, since the word evoke...

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