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2100 EUR

Looking back


Single piece



37 x 42.5 cm
14.57 x 17 in







Thread and canvas on wood.

1964 New York City, United States

Audrey Stone is an American abstract artist. Her work explores color, line, materiality and process across multiple mediums and surfaces. She was born in New York City, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn.


Audrey Stone studied at Pratt Institute and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and received her BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and her MFA from Hunter College in New York, NY.


Over the course of her career, Stone has worked in multiple mediums, including site-specific installation, painting, drawing , sculpture and mixed media. Her works unfold on an intimate scale. When painting, she works on raw canvas. She layers a single color each day, allowing it to dry completely before addressing the next layer. The first layer becomes one with the raw surface, adopting the textural qualities of the material. Gradually as the layers build up the rawness is replaced by new qualities that are simpler to the eye but more complex in their composition. Many of her works also incorporate a sewn element, adding hand woven lines of thread, string or floss to the surface. The sewn lines take on a sculptural presence. While formulating a design they simultaneously call attention to craft, respecting the importance of precision and tradition in contemporary abstract image making.


As images, the works of Audrey Stone confidently express color , pattern and line, while as objects they reveal something far more personal through their presence. The meanings inherent in her materials and her processes, such as the rawness of her surfaces, the flexibility of her thread, and the imperfections of her painted or drawn lines, all serve as inspiration to Stone. Only through coaxing do her works come into being. A relationship built on intimacy and intricacy develops as they manifest. Stone is also inspired by the secondary meanings present in her materials: for example that thread can be decorative and also restorative, integral and also ornamental, or that color relationships can evoke archetypal reactions while also inviting personal reflections. All of these inspirations speak to the most important element of her work: its humanity.

Artist Statement

I began combining thread and drawing materials in 2007…[it] served several purposes; practically it sped up my process while visually a game came into play as one viewed the work to decipher which line was drawn with ink or graphite and which one was sewn.  This resulted in a conversation between the materials, defining what constitutes a line as well as the category material put an object in – craft or fine art? For me, using the thread is also symbolic.  I love how thread is connected to female and domestic historical narrative. Thread can mend and repair, and hold things together.  It can also knot and tangle.  Sewing into to canvas or linen heightens my awareness of the cloth I paint on and becomes another way to express my ideas about craft and material.”


Audrey Stone has been exhibiting her work in group and solo exhibition since 1987. She has exhibited throughout the United States, as well as in Austria, Great Britain, Japan, France, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.


Works by Audrey Stone are included in several private and institutional collections, including those of Fidelity Investments and the Amateras Foundation in Sophia, Bulgaria.

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London, 160 Fernhead Road, Maida Vale

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