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Reflection of the Memory 2


From the series Reflection of the Memory



50 x 40 cm
20 x 15.75 in





In work of Antonio Živkovič memory assumes the existence of the past; memory is present. The present is fiction, an abstract element. The future is indiscernible, thus unreal. Representation and reflection assume contact with the real. It is contemplation, an attitude, knowledge. He suggests a reflection of memory bits to us. His photographs are “broken” memories, pieces and elements of a past that no longer exists, a past that belongs to the artist’s and collective memory. In the series Reflection of a Memory he created homage to industrial heritage of his hometown that has no place in the changed circumstances of post-industrial economy.

The representation retains only the well-defined shapes, thus the memory is a sum of events stored in the subconscious. The photographs are a sort of soul back drive, a longing for return, a detachment from the present. All the events of the memory, its reflections, occur not for a single time, but repeat themselves forever. They contain their own organic feature, which is irreversibility. The fulfilled event, materialized, is always an obtained, the opposite of the obtaining. The emotion of the artist precedes the representation of the photographed object.

1962 Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Antonio Živkovič (1962, Novo mesto, Slovenija) graduated from the faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana. He has been working and exhibiting as a photographer since 1989. His body of work encompasses 16 series, which were exhibited at 28 solo shows and included in over 40 group exhibitions, both in Slovenia and abroad. He lives and works in Slovenia as a free-lance photographer.

Živkovič grew up in the industrial town of Trbovlje, the centre of the mining industry in Slovenia, which significantly influenced his artistic endeavours. In his work h focuses on capturing places, stories, and motifs related to industrial towns. His oeuvre is characterised by poetic documentation of abandoned industrial landscapes.

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