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2850 EUR

Le 9ème Jour


Single piece Signed Dated Titled

From the series Trees



100 x 100 x 5 cm
39.37 x 39 x 1.97 in







Beautiful piece painted on wood with ink, painting, color pencils and lead pencil. Very poetic.

1970 , France

Antoine Josse is a French artist born in 1970 in Brittany.

"Antoine Josse's suitcases are full of images and noises, a desire to fly, to reach for the moon, to be a trapeze artist, a canon man .... In his sculptures, as in his paintings, everything seems aerial : the material is light, the poetry and the desire for flight are at every corner of painting, object. For almost 20 years, Antoine Josse has exhibited all over the world, from his native Brittany to his adopted Normandy. via Paris, Switzerland, Chile, Luxembourg or the USA ... "

- Annabelle Cavallin

Antoine JOSSE: what an apparently delicious artist by the concept of his works and their emanation. They are captivating his two creative ways where motifs and enigmatic beings live intensely in a beautiful whole made of flavor, singularity and high quality. Already, Antoine JOSSE has seduced with his sculptures populated by small characters full of vitality, threadlike and lunar. But his paintings are not to be outdone: they impose in a spectacular atmosphere with evocative colors, and upset, disturbing skies, where fantastic beings and motifs enliven works full of charm, dreams, reflection with daring effects. And this is what seduces and disturbs our tranquility at Antoine JOSSE, thanks to his serious and astonishing poetry where strange, dreamlike landscapes reign, where, in a desolate, dangerous, threatening, mineral universe, life is imposed, and tiny but reckless or thoughtful beings settle down at the mercy of vegetation that persists in existing, in spreading, like the signal of a beneficent, rustic and attractive future animated by the vital red, the blue and the green of hope.

- André RUELLAN, art critic

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Paris, 41 Rue François Miron

This young gallery in the heart of Paris presents talented artists ! The place is full of life and colors, a sweet place to feel like at home. Many cultural events take place there....

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149.98 x 85.97 x 2.99 cm