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Single piece


120 x 120 cm
47 x 47.24 in





Concrete and acrylic on canvas

1965 Rome, Italy

Anna Tozzi, aka ATò, was born in Rome on 10-6-1965. She graduated in Graphics and Advertising at the European Institute of Design. Later on she worked for two years in a graphics studio followed by a series of collaborations for the conception and design of logos and coordinated images. Following her passion for the art of painting she has been working for years as a painter exploring and testing a personal technique that revolves around the expression of emotions through color and material art. Reflecting the changing spirit of the artist, ATò’s paintings begin to show their inner expressive content during their creation: the mix of acrylic and PVA glue is poured onto the canvas and spread with a brush or palette knife, creating lines and borders. The initial brushes and color tones are not the real ones, and the painting assumes its final shape and color only when it dries, forming a more distinct “sign”, as if to convey the imprint of the artist’s emotional state. 

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Virtual Gallery, -

Sayato is a very young gallery and an artists’ management project. It takes care of promotion, advertising, and sales - through ecommerce - of Italian and foreign artists, well known and/or beginners. Sayato presents different and various styles from painting to sculpture to photography (in the near future) covering a wide range of medium...

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