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Dissolution I.


Single piece Signed

From the series Dissolution



30 x 30 cm
12 x 11.81 in







In her lates works she focus on conveying both the atmospheric fluidity of landscapes, and their vulnerability, at the same time. Her painting gesture is reductive, applying individual layers of paint just to wash them right away and leave only the traces of a wet, destructive process. This time-consuming way of painting is similar to the way of nature which, empowered by the ever present water element, creates an end result that clearly resembles the ephemeral qualities of our own emotions. Her latest works are covered by a veil of her own dream of escapism into the nature, an imaginary embrace of the structure of her immediate and distant surroundings. The outlines of horizons intersect with closeups of surfaces, as if she wanted to encompass the remoteness of distant lands and the details of immediate vicinity all at the same time.

1988 Bratislava, Slovakia

An alumni of Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. In her painting process she works with layers and textures. She paints, prints and washes out  layers of paint. Andrea uses processes of hurting and healing, where the painting is understood as a living medium. It is able to get wounded and healed, but something has always already changed in the structure, in the substance and the remains are visible as a pattern or traces of washed out paint. 

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Banská Štiavnica, Námestie Sv. Trojice 21

Julo Binder gallery presents contemporary artworks of young, emerging artist mainly from Central and East Europe. The gallery's goal is to present, support, the artists' work through exhibitions, artalks, and accompanying multi-genre activities. Gallery programme reflect current social content, personal concepts, as well as topics that respond to local and h...

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