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205 EUR

Coffee plantation


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



40 x 40 x 5 cm
15.75 x 16 x 1.97 in







Dimensions: 40x40cm
Date: 2021
Technique: Acrylic on canvas

1964 São Paulo, Brazil

Born in the city of São Paulo, in 1964, she went to Embu das Artes as a child, the city in which she grew up and lives to this day. She has humble origins, daughter of a maid, she spent her childhood and adolescence in the daily life of the countryside. These experiences, to a large extent, are the inspirations for her paintings.

She is a single mother and started her activities as a painter in mid-1997. Her work was well received by the general public and since then she has been developing her own style of painting, with very characteristic colors, characters and plots.

Pinho is self-taught and her works carry a naive and bucolic aesthetic, combining beauty and dedication, portraying origins and experiences of Brazilian daily life in general. Her paintings are much appreciated and acquired by admirers of different nationalities.

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Curitiba, Av. Jaime Reis, 134

The Art Gallery Um Lugar ao Sol, located at the historical center of Curitiba, is an old house built in 1898 that was completely restored and turned into a cultural place. Opened on 2000, the gallery was slowly but continuously improving itself and today has a vast and distinguished collection that includes artists from various schools and styles, bringin...

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