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Everyday Is A New Day


Single piece


64 x 64 cm
25 x 25.20 in





Mixed media

, Romania

Ana Cristina TOMA - is a graduate of Bucharest National University of Arts, Painting and Graphics departments. With a particular interest in chromatics and chromatology, her artistic portfolio stands under the sign of intersectionality between decorative experiments (fashion, illustration, mural interventions in public and private space - Ploiesti, Bucharest, Brasov) and conceptual installation. The variety of mediums he approaches with ease (illustration, graphics, murals, painting) are manifestations of personal searches through which he exercises his chromatic skills. He lives and works in Bucharest.

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Bucharest, George Enescu 43

E T A J is an artist-run space, a catalyst that focuses on the efficiency of the contemporary artistic object within the local context. Some artists have grouped themselves into the idea of conceiving a cultural cell. Through their journey, but also in their connection there is no conventional model. Whether it is a group exhibition, a solo one or other even...

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