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Hold me before I fade


Single piece Signed Dated Framed

From the series Hold me before I fade



21 x 30 cm
8 x 11.81 in







The Hold Me Before I Fade series of drawings is an immediate response to the cruelty of war, senseless deaths and the need not to be alone in difficult times. The discoloured sky and desolate landscape are the scene of symbolic dramatic stories on small formats that point to the fragility and intertwining of our destinies. Deflowering here is not a natural consequence of the cycle of nature and life, but a premature consequence of a violent event that can not only kill, but is also systematically damaging our souls.

1990 Prešov, Slovakia

Graduated from the Department of Graphics and Other Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. Aliza’s drawings and soft textile objects touch upon the exploration of gender identity and its fluidity. She explores idea of binery definied gender roles in our society  through symbols and archetype of plant shapes and colors. She often creates series that connect to each other.  By using alluring, and charming aesthetic she creates places where people can feel safe and welcome. She lives and works in Bratislava. She exhibited in Slovakia, Austria.

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Banská Štiavnica, Námestie Sv. Trojice 21

Julo Binder gallery presents contemporary artworks of young, emerging artist mainly from Central and East Europe. The gallery's goal is to present, support, the artists' work through exhibitions, artalks, and accompanying multi-genre activities. Gallery programme reflect current social content, personal concepts, as well as topics that respond to local and h...

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