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Raccontaci una storia


Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed

From the series Little Worlds


18 x 13 x 4 cm
7 x 5.12 x 1.57 in







I create my “microworlds” with things belonging to the “macroworld”. I borrow existing objects from the real world that are often other than what they will be. A flower becomes a tree, a blade of grass a path, a dandelion seed a parachute. A “Little World” is therefore an image where nothing special happens but in which one can perhaps see something familiar, such as a situation, a circumstance, or even simply an object. And when this hapens, my Little World also becomes someone else’s.

1980 Pinerolo, Italy

Amusement and amazement, along with research, are two very important components in my work. The essays by Bruno Munari have taught me a lot, not only in this respect. The project of “Little Worlds” came to life at the end of 2011 when, with no specific purpose other than experimentation, I began to insert small human form into my compositions of herbs and objects. My “Little Worlds” were born in this way, almost by chance”.For some time the photograms I created seemed to me like small stages, miniature sets in which, with my eyes open, I saw scenes unfold. After imagining the scenes, the next step, was to intentionally shape and fix them on photographic paper.

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Trieste, Via Tivarnella 5

The Tivarnella Art is a contemporary art gallery, and its main interest is in promoting living Italian artists. Enea Chersicola has been working as an art dealer since 2012, and after gathering experience in the field, he decidede to establish his gallery in Trieste (Italy), in 2018. Tivarnella Art participates in various art fair all around Europe, organ...

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120 x 70 x 300 cm

55000,00 €