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Titolo Mestruale


Dated Titled



200 x 113 cm
79 x 44.49 in







Pigments, Acrylic Emulsion, Soft Crayons and Oil

1997 Milano, Italy

Alice Capelli, born in 1997.

Since her childhood, thanks to the influence of her family, she learn how to paint and draw. She attended the Liceo Artistico di Brera in Milan and graduated in painting in 2020. He subsequently attended and graduated, in 2020, at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. During his university she approaches painting and photography, experimenting with shapes and colors that recall sensuality and spiritual intoxication. The artist plays with the erotism of the signs and the chromatic spectrum, in an ethereal and dreamlike dimension in which the figures lose themselves in space. The sign is instinctive and primordial, gestures and body become protagonists of the artist's poetics.

Alice's personality is in total harmony with the freedom of her works where she celebrates eros, drives and female eroticism.

"I've always thought how important it was to create an artistic language linked to gesture and movement, which can deepen aspects of the life of all human beings, simply through action. I did not want to conceive eroticism entirely in its most instinctive and "animal" aspect, but I always wanted to observe its psychological aspect and how the latter is a force that moves the world and creates in humans a need for action and will. Eroticism is a portal through which I try to confer an identity that can translate into a real impersonation of my painting. Creation is in itself an act of eroticism, touching the surface, materials and mixing colors are a sexual push for me. My studio and my project are based on a soft, light and harmonious chromatic dance, but at the same time energetic, lively, furious and obsessive."

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