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My childhood

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My childhood

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323 x 202 x 7 cm
127.17 x 80 x 2.76 in


12000,00 €

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Acrylic on canvas

Signed front right corner 

The artwork “My childhood” was part of the exhibition “Epic”(2013) dedicated to the great adventurer Ulysses, a character that has the only desire to come back home. Returning home involves a series of adventures, memories, desires, tests. Heraclitus in Plato's "Cratylus" was saying: "Everything changes and nothing stays still [...] you cannot step twice in the same river." "My Childhood" is about remembering an ideal time, about sunny days full of warmth and freedom. It's about childhood, as we remember it over years, as a time and place with unprecedented perfumes. Rădvan wrote about this work: “It has happened that none of the places where I grew up exist anymore. Either they have disappeared, or they have changed so much that they have become a new place that does not mean anything for me, which I do not have a common history. I avoid them because it makes me sad not to recognize them and I do not want them to hate them. This painting is an old memory of my "Paradiso perduto".

Ruxandra Demetrescu, Diana Dochia, Roxana Radvan (ed.), For Tomorrow. Investigating new materials in the works of Alexandru Radvan, Achetype Publications, London, 2014, p.110 

About the Artist

1977 Bucharest, Romania

Alexandru Rădvan was born on 16th of May 1977 in Bucharest Romania. He graduates the National University of Arts in Bucharest, painting department, class of prof. Florin Mitroi. In 2012 he becomes doctor of philology at the Faculty of Letters, with the paper “Fantastic image made by plastic and literary means”. Currently, he is a professor at the National University of Arts Bucharest, Painting Department.

In the last decade, Alexandru Rădvan constantly exhibited in country and abroad, being a reference name for the Romanian contemporary art since 2000. His creation is based on an ample cycle of works – the series Imperator, Minotaur, Constantine the Great, Homage to Judas, Christ – who often makes references to myths and mythologies. The artist is preoccupied by the relationship between contemporary society has with myths, mythology and ancient religions. Is the contemporary man capable to deciphering and understanding ancient myths? Can he still relate to religion as our ancestors did?

Alexandru Rădvan’s works talk to the onlooker, challenge him both intellectually and emotionally. It is an art structured and designed on the idea of ​​forcing and query the limits. Or, Alexandru Rădvan stretches the limits of representation and establishes a direct dialogue with Constantine, Judas, Christ. The three series of works or three stages in the artist’s oeuvre highlight, from an artistic perspective, the rewriting of a new humanity. The artist’s concern is the human dimension of his characters: Constantine – the man, Judas – the man, Christ – the human being. Forcing and interrogating limits lies at the very heart of his art, one that does not invite mere contemplation but rather a sharp scrutiny of whatever subject is under discussion.  “I do believe images have a capacity to tell stories. I believe that painting is a living phenomenon, which cannot be approached with circumspection and attention, but rather totally, without any concern as to how one gets out of it.  Like a fight”, confessed Alexandru Rădvan.

His works are part of important public and private collections in Austria, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Israel, Germany, USA and Romania.

Alexandru Rădvan is represented by Anaid Art Gallery since 2005.

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