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Giardino segreto, 2020


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Fiber Art And, Milano


100 x 300 cm
39.37 x 118 in







  • About the work

Digital print on mesh.

"Alessandra Zorzi presents the series of the Major Arcana, which in themselves constitute an organic cycle according to her typical visionary and enchanted approach, immersed in a constellation of archetypal images, obscure and at the same time perfectly comprehensible to anyone. Through such visions and going back to the graphic adventures of the sixties of the twentieth century between Central Europe and England, Zorzi has happily and easily overcome the traumas of postmodernism, in a path characteristic of our time." (C. Strinati, 2013).

"Alessandra Zorzi, confronting a computer keyboard, began to quote. Citing first of all herself, that is, affecting the passage in animation or, better, in videoanimation the inhabitants of those "metropolitan realities straddling a child's comic book, a science fiction film and a nightmare" that then are the cornerstones of her poetic otherwise distributed with other forms of creativity. But in order to perfect her apprenticeship, Alessandra Zorzi tries to attend, readapting them, if not reinveting, other graphic forms, organizing them with the computer but always fishing in worlds between the delirious and the restless and retracing (after having cited the headmasters of the visionary historians, from Hieronymus Bosch to the Doganiere Russeau...". (Carlo Montanaro).


About the Artists

Treviso, Italy

Alessandra Zorzi, born in Treviso in a family of publishers, graduated in architecture in Venice and dedicated herself to painting since the late '80s. She elaborates a fluid and autonomous imaginative language, out of schemes and schools, that she loves to define pop-expressionist. Starting from painting, Alessandra Zorzi, faithful to a language linked to the imaginary, since 2000 develops at the same time a curiosity for the possibilities that the medium of technological expression offers, carrying out a compositional and simultaneously narrative research, which takes body from the figurative archetypes of classical painting, transferring and using them in digital animation in a game of ambiguity and references from these to traditional painting and vice versa. 

She also has a large production of tapestries, made through digital printing on synthetic fabrics. 

Zorzi has exhibited in several Italian museums, including at Magazzini del Sale in Venice, Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome, Maschio Angioino in Naples and Palazzo Ducale in Mantua.


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About the Gallery


Milano, Piazzale Tripoli, 9

FiberArtAnd is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2008 in Milan by Gabriella Anedi with the aim of promoting the knowledge and dissemination of fiber art and artists who work, exclusively or predominantly, with flexible materials, natural and artificial fibers. The traditional activity of the gallery is flanked by the collaboration with public and privat...

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