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4880 EUR

Folk Animales antofilos


4880,00 €


84 x 119 cm
33.07 x 47 in







Folk animales antófilos, 2014, acrilico su tela / acrylics on canvas, 119,5 x 83,5 cm

“I am interested in the archeology of the image, which is why, as pictorial models, I use images that are not iconic, ma characterize themselves for their ambiguity and could be discarded for being excessively sweet or kitsch. I recover images from the past in a physical format to give them validity in the present. To begin with I scan them and then transfer them to a painting. Once digitalized, I print them and cut them into very thin strands so I can then recreate each one on the canvas. This way the lines and the distortions in shape and color that take place in the scanning process are made visible.

What I do is some kind of bridge between digital and mental errors, and all my projects have in common the absence of control over the results. They are very procedural e are based on the constant translation of code. The mistakes are added and grow, like a rolling snowball”.

1985 Madrid, Spain


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1952,00 €


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Established in June 2019, A PICK GALLERY is an Italian contemporary art gallery dedicated to the research of contemporary art languages. The gallery supports talented international artists, aspiring to collaborate with them in all artistic field. As the name suggests, we focus on the curated selection of artists and artworks....

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