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Single piece


100 x 70 cm
39 x 27.56 in







Acrylic on paper

1988 Rovigo, Italy

Alberto Nemo (Rovigo, February 15, 1988), is an Italian musician and composer. His artistic career began in churches as a singer of the sacred repertoire.
His musical style is characterized by slow and dilated tempos, by the almost absence of rhythmic elements and a voice that changes easily in volume and color, passing from the whisper of almost imperceptible verses to the strong vibrato singing, until reaching dramatic apexes in the very strong high notes.
It ranges between the genres of dark, lyrical and classical music.
His lieder are musically comparable to those of Schubert and Schumann, while the choral compositions to those of Palestrina and Monteverdi. His painting is inspired by the ancient Zen tradition and by the contemporary reinterpretation of action painting.
Over the course of his career he has released over 60 solo music albums.

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