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101 x 150 cm
39.76 x 59 in







Medium: print on aluminium

1971 , Spain

Bilbao, Spain. 1971. Beyond the documentary photography of architecture and industry, and asserting the dilution factor and transmutation of reality that is associated with the photographic representation, Aitor Ortiz works with space, architecture and object as starting elements to a number of visual and cognitive unknowns. His interest is persistent for raising a series of dilemmas between representation and interpretation (perception) and establishes a relationship between the content of his images, the physical properties of the materials on which reproduce their works and their position in space exhibition. Therefore Aitor Ortiz try to establish a broad spectrum of work and relationships between photographed places, the conscious and unconscious mechanisms involved in the process of image manipulation: the eye (interpretation, frame, contextualization, ...), the Camera (focus / blur, optical distortion, motion transmission, ...), and the brain (the limitations of an imperfect device in the interpretation of data and empirical skills: experience, association of concepts ..) that culminate in the exhibition space, where physical experience again transcends the content of his photographs as part of a process of constant interaction between the representation and the viewer's perception.

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Berlin, Fasanenstraße 13

The programme of the gallery is focusing on classic and contemporary photography and comprises a group of international artists whose works form insightful dialogues. Besides four to six exhibitions in Berlin and the participation in national and international art fairs, our activities are completed by support service for private and public collections. The ...

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A spasso con un amico


12.5 x 1 cm

2500,00 €