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Spectrum, 2016


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Oeno Gallery, Bloomfield

Single piece Dated Titled


121.92 x 91.44 cm
48.00 x 36 in








  • About the work

Acrylic on canvas.

Gently angled swaths of pale green, blue and white are balanced with bright lights of magenta, orange and periwinkle. Cohen is mindful of colour values that vary across a continuum in this piece, like light that bends and is made visible through a prism. Cohen intersects the language of Abstract Expressionism with narrative to re-invent the experience of action painting in a contemporary context. 

About the Artists

1959 , United States

New York based artist Adam Cohen creates work alive with the gestural influences of the abstract expressionists generation. His thick luscious, strokes are applied in layers to create striations of color. Often his bright colors break through the surface by cutting back into the paint while it is wet. Cohen studied at Philadelphia’s Tyler School of Art and lived and painted in Rome for year.  After many successful years as an illustrator he returned to his first love, painting. Adam Cohen lives and paints in the Catskills, NY.  

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Bloomfield, 2274 Prince Edward County Rd 1

Since 2004, we have sought out, represented and exhibited exceptional contemporary artists. The majority are mid-career and senior Canadian artists who have received international recognition for their talents. We actively seek out interesting paintings and sculptures and add new ones to our website every week. We offer complimentary shipping for most works ...

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