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2900 EUR
4.2 5 20


Unmasked II


Single piece Signed



70 x 50 cm
28 x 19.69 in




Drawings & Works on Paper



Ballpoint Pen, Posca, Pastel oil on Canson Paper

Framing : Brown wood frame.

Artwork dimensions including frame : 55,3 x 75,3 cm

Hand-signed by artist.


1992 , Nigeria

Ofobuike Okudoh is a visual artist and designer born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1992, who speaks through  ethereal lines, patterns and rich texture. After 4 years of extensive studies in Accounting, he decided to chase his creative dreams in France where he swiftly integrated into the culture and successfully completed his studies in Fashion design at the prestigious ESMOD Roubaix. 

Identity has always been a pertinent subject, as his first exhibition 'Imprimé identifié' which was held at Bureau d'Art et de la Recherche , Roubaix, France expressed rich prints with reference to textile art . Wearable art as it concerns tackling fast fashion is also one of his fortes. 

His whimsical illustrations also graced the walls of the XI Bienal Internacional de Arte SUBA 2019 in Mexico as well as The African art exhibition at the Jesuit institute in Nairobi where an impressive number of African masters were partakers.  

Blurring the lines of  oppressive antics that undermine the African beauty and prowess is one of the societal battles his art is set to win.

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